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Gimai wa Uwaki ni Fukumarenai yo Onii-chan

I have a girlfriend, her name is Shiori Hoshino. She is known as the “Ice Emperor” because of her overwhelming appearance and cold personality. And surprisingly, she is an anime fan, and also considers herself an otaku


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Try reading the manga first, if you’re interested, go to the light novel to read as much detail as possible.

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The light novel will give you the details that most of the anime and manga will be cut, read the manga if you find it interesting read the light novel

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It’s amazing I have never read a book that is so good, it makes me not take my eyes off the book at all. I really like it, maybe I should buy more books to add it to my collection
Duy Tan
This manga is really touching, it makes me think about my youth, school love is so beautiful. Thanks to the author for giving me so many emotional emotions. Thanks you
Tan Nguyen
Ho Chi Minh
I have never read Yuri once, but this drawing really attracted me to the book, I really started to like it, the feeling of two women falling in love, it’s amazing. Nice and love Yuri
no JS

thanks you